Born and raised in southern New Hampshire, USA, I grew up with a loving family and had a great church home. After high school, I enrolled in a well-known university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. While finishing my final semester, I was offered a software engineering position at a large tech company. The pay was unbelievable and it seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime. I ended up graduating near the top of my class and thought I would be fully satisfied with my new position in corporate America.

But throughout my years in school, the Lord slowly began to move on my heart in deeper ways. I began to gather with some friends to study the Bible and to pray together. It was only a short time after beginning my job in corporate America that I began wondering if I was really supposed to sit in a cubicle for 8 hours a day for the next 40 years. So I prayed earnestly for God’s direction and for His will to be done in my life.

Two years later, the Lord opened the door for me to attend the “One Thing Internship”, a six-month internship program at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. The internship is focused around the 24/7 prayer room where worship and prayer has ascended before God non-stop since September 1999. Leaving a secure, high paying job and moving halfway across the country seemed like a big step and a foolish decision in the eyes of the world. But in December 2003, I left my job and moved to Kansas City.

I knew the Lord was aligning my steps during that season of my life. The Lord was calling me into full-time ministry, missions, and teaching.

Since January 2004, I've been raising my own financial support to pursue full-time ministry and theological education so that I can be an effective minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My life vision

I was created to love Jesus with my whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. Everything in my life must lead to that one goal and purpose. Whether I am a full-time missionary or a full-time janitor, this high vision will never change and can never be affected by my social class, job, income, number of friends, or life circumstances.

Having this vision keeps me steady in the face of adversity and persecution. I can stand confident that the Lord sees my heart, knows my needs, understands my plight as a weak and broken human, and supports me every step of the way. He is preparing something far greater for me than favor or prosperity in this age. I've set my heart to live for the age to come.

It's too much work to fight for position, honor, and greatness in this age when it will all fade away anyways. My reward will be in the age to come. I want my name to be known in heaven as one who lived as a follower of Jesus all the days of my life.