Justin Rizzo finally has a website

August 15, 2008

Justin and I have been going back and forth for a while now to get a simple and functional page up on his website, and I'm proud to say that it's finally done! He wanted to put something up before The Call this weekend.

Check out http://justinrizzo.com

Designed by yours truly. We ended up landing on something clean and uncluttered. Let me know what you think!


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Hey Josh. I dont know if its

Hey Josh. I dont know if its just me but I just got the coming soon page when I went to His website. Well i cant wait to see you on stage at the call!


The webpage suits what you're after... nice and clean. It isn't cluttered with useless stuff, just simple and to the point.

Will download Justin's album as soon as it appears on the mp3 store... been waiting all year for this one.

Downloading now...

Oh yeah...

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Spontaneous Psalm 1

I have SO been waiting SO long for J.Rizzo to come out with his album! Now I have it playing in my car =)

However, I really was expecting "Spontaneous Psalm 1" from his myspace to be on his album, and "Tree" is very different.

I desperately want "Spontaneous Psalm 1." Is there any way that this could be made available? It's not fair to have it on his myspace, yet not available to download/purchase anywhere =(


Thank you =)
God bless =)
Please reply =)

Sorry, I really have no

Sorry, I really have no idea... It was just a live recording of it from the prayer room, so it really isn't CD quality at all.

If it's on his myspace, just listen to it there and record it off your computer or something!

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Justin's website

Hey Josh, are you going be expanding Justin's site soon? Its clean and crisp, however not much info on Justin himself. I know he's quite thee introvert and a private one at that. it would be nice to get some of his testimony, life story (as short as its been) and maybe some fun facts about his guitar and girlfriend, just kidding,

Talk to Justin about that

Talk to Justin about that man, I'm just the web designer :)

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