Updates to the Prayer Room webstream

August 31, 2008

I'm back from Arizona and there's been a lot brewing on my heart. I'll give more on my trip and what's brewing in a few days because we're just about to jump into our normal monthly 3-day fast. But I just wanted to post this quickly...

If you haven't seen the new Prayer Room webstream, be sure to go check it out. It now has multiple "channels" in addition to the live 24/7 worship and prayer.

You can:

  • Be encouraged by fresh interviews and moving personal testimonies
  • Pray with us for your family, your friends, yourself
  • Take prayer requests for current events before the Throne of God
  • Check out life-changing teaching videos

Join thousands of Intercessors LIVE day or night. There's live streaming media, videos on demand, archives and more.

They're even offering a free trial until September 30th. Go check it out at http://theprayerroom.tv now!



Good to hear from you again mate... how was Arizona?

It was amazing man... so

It was amazing man... so refreshing and so encouraging to see people loving Jesus well on a university campus!

I'll give some updates in a few days after GBF :)

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