onething Egypt - day 4

October 18, 2009

Today was the last day of the conference at the venue in Wadi at am 8,000 seat soccer stadium out in the middle of the desert. And when I say desert, I mean desert. For those of you from the southwest US, It’s not quite like the Arizona desert – it’s a lot more sandy and there is much less vegetation. There’s a small lush green area in the middle of the complex, but outside of that it’s pure desert sand. It’s been a hot last several days too, with temperatures reaching near 100. Tomorrow we’ll be heading to Cairo and spending the rest of our time in Egypt there.


This morning, Justin led worship and Wes Martin spoke on the Sermon on the Mount. He spoke with great clarity and called those attending to humility, meekness, purity with their eyes and purity with their speech. He continually invited them back to beholding Jesus in the scriptures and asking the Holy Spirit for empowerment and grace as the only way forward in living a holy life. In the evening, Luke led to finish out the conference and Wes spoke on the life of John the Baptist and John the Apostle, calling the attendees to believe that God truly enjoys them like John the Baptist and John the Apostle confessed. We all felt that there was a massive breakthrough in the Spirit, and I am sure it had to do with all of your prayers.

Last night, our team had a meeting with those committed to the staff at the house of prayer in Egypt. We had the opportunity to answer questions, speak encouragement over them, and pray for them. My heart was burning for the musicians there, that they would prophesy with their instruments and hear melodies and songs from heaven. I got to talk and pray with a few of them individually after the meeting, and I was very encouraged to hear that the Lord has put so many of the same things regarding prophetic musicianship on their hearts as He has mine.

So overall, we had a phenomenal conference. It honestly felt almost like a December onething conference just with the stage setup and the number of attendees!

You can continue to pray for our safety as we travel and tour parts of the country tomorrow, as well as for continued health, strength, and connection with the Lord as we minister. It has been such a blessing being able to serve the Egyptians during this time, and your prayers have been a powerful support. Whenever you think of me in the next few days, say a quick 30-second prayer for myself and for the team here!

More updates again soon when we have internet access again. God bless!


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Thank You

This was a phenomenal conference and I really felt the Lord move throughout the youth of this nation. Thank you for pouring yourself so selflessly to see God raise up this generation. I also really enjoyed the meeting with the House of Prayer staff, it was so great. Yea seeing Egyptians trying to sing "No one whose hope is in the Lord will ever be put to shame" was Hilarious!! God Bless you.

Hi Bassem, it was so great to

Hi Bassem, it was so great to connect with you tonight! Email me through my website using the contact page and make sure you include your email address so that I can email you back!

God bless,


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thank you for visiting Egypt

thank you for visiting Egypt .
and let me know u that we are really in fire and we are very exiting to serve god more and more and you will hear a glorious events happens in Egypt .
God used you to spark the fire amidst us.

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