onething Egypt - day 6

October 20, 2009

Today began with a trip to several old Coptic churches in Cairo, including the first church formed by the Apostle Mark in coming to Egypt around 40AD. It’s truly amazing to be so close to some of the places where the founding fathers of our faith and even Jesus Himself were. Egypt has such a rich Christian heritage, and I am confident that the Lord is going to bring all of His promises to pass (see Isaiah 19) related to the nation!

Our next stop was at the "cave church", located in a large amphitheater carved out of a massive rock face. The story of how this church was formed is fascinating - check out this link to read more on it. The most prominent feature upon entering the area was the massive carvings on the rock, including the birth, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and second coming of Jesus (see photos page). These were all breathtaking. The church itself meets in an open-air setting and can seat approximately 20,000 people. It was beautiful.

On the way to the cave church, we drove through an area known as “garbage city”. The people living in this small part of Cairo work for the city to sort out the trash for the 14 million inhabitants of the Cairo area. They all literally live in the waste disposal and recycling area of the city. They are the poorest of the poor in Cairo and live mostly by picking from trash. Because the Muslims look down upon them and will not work there, the area is filled with many Christians. It is so provoking to see the true impact of the gospel on their hearts, and it is so stirring for my own heart as someone who lives in such an affluent nation. Just driving through the area and pondering what the Lord has given me made me grateful, but it also filled me with the fear of the Lord related to the money that I have and that which He will give me in the future. I want to be known in God’s eyes as one who is extravagant with money. I want to cut out all of the “fluff” of my life, live simply, and fund missionaries, houses of prayer, and give generously to the poor. I will be accountable for every penny that I spend. Help, Lord!

After the cave church, we had a wonderful time at the home of our Egyptian hosts for lunch, where they prepared for us some very special Egyptian food (don’t ask me what any of it was called… Arabic is a tough language!) Let me just say that I could totally get used to eating it though. It tasted wonderful, and I was stuffed full when we left.

After resting for an hour in the hotel, we headed off to the church for a prayer meeting where Luke Wood led worship and Wes Martin spoke briefly on prayer before we transitioned the evening into a prayer meeting for Egypt. Choruses in English and Arabic meshed so well, and the room was so engaged and the singing so loud that I walked away from the meeting with my ears ringing a little bit!

To finish the evening, we visited yet another beautiful outdoor restaurant that overlooked parts of Cairo. I had some great conversation with some of the young people at the house of prayer here. Authentic Egyptian food was served. So good. Enough said!

This will probably be the last blog entry I write from Egypt. Tomorrow we’ll be off to the Red Sea for the day, then we’ll head directly to the airport to catch our flight back to the US. We have a long journey ahead of us! It’s hard to believe the trip is already over.

I’ll write another blog entry once I get back to Kansas City just to recap and wrap everything up. I hope you’ve enjoyed these as well as all of the photos I’ve posted! I will probably post a few more photos in the coming weeks as Jordan is able to get us some of the ones he took with his camera…

Bless you and thank you so much for praying!


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Those pictures of the cave

Those pictures of the cave church and the monastery are amazing. It must have been something to actually be there and see the magnitude and history of those places live.
The camel ride looked like it was fun, you look really high up!

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We want to thank u

On my behalf and the others i want to thank u
here is our group on facebook we will be so happy if u and the team joined us

Yo yo

Dude... how you doing! God put you on my heart recently, just wanted to say hello. How are things, I need to read up on your blog to see what I missed. There's a chance I may be in the States next year, if so, priority number 1 will be to visit IHOP. I'll let you know.

God bless,


Hey Washo, things are great!

Hey Washo, things are great! I just got back from Egypt yesterday (check out my blog). It was a blast! I've got a little bug though, probably from something I ate. But it seems to be a bit better this morning.

When you thinking about coming to the states?


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