onething Raleigh/Durham wrapup

November 7, 2009

This weekend's onething conference was held in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina. It was my first visit to the Tar Heel state. The Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area is home to 5 or 6 major college campuses, including common household names like Duke University and UNC. One of the major reasons onething wanted to come to this area was to strengthen the prayer movement on the local campuses. I'm sure there were young adults in attendance from all of the area campuses. The estimate I've heard was that somewhere around 1500 young adults were in attendance for the evening sessions!

Onething Raleigh Durham

We opened the conference on Friday night with Justin Rizzo leading worship and Corey Russell speaking. Justin led the room into God's presence through some familiar and some new songs, and most of them engaged with the Lord right from the start. Corey called the attendees into having a focus and fascination with the Eternal One, not with the temporal pleasures that defile the heart. He was used mightily by God and people were set free of their addictions, habitual sins, and demons of self-hatred and comparison.

Saturday morning's session was led by Justin and Corey again. Both the worship and the teaching were a natural follow-up to the Friday night session, and we all felt that the Lord wanted to "fill the vacuum" that was left in the hearts of the attendees the previous night. Corey's message was mainly focused on John 17:26 and the God of desire. After calling them to a higher vision the previous night, Corey spoke on the One who could bring them into the satisfaction and longing they were made for - Jesus Christ.

Saturday afternoon's worship was led by Matt Gilman. Matt had not been feeling well the previous few days, but you couldn't tell. He led with energy and strength. The afternoon seminar was from Candace Nashman. She spoke on the jealousy of God, again a natural followup to Corey's message in the morning.

The final session was led by Matt Gilman. His rendition of "Lord, You are Good" by Israel Houghton got the whole room jumping! Dwayne Roberts spoke the final session on the crisis in the church and called the conference to the simplicity of prayer, fasting, the Word of God, and extravagant giving to the poor.

Overall it was a great conference, and we all left with the knowledge that the Lord accomplished much in the hearts and lives of those who attended. We do many of these conferences yearly, and though it's sometimes hard to see the immediate impact in just a weekend, we inevitably hear testimonies of so many lives being touched and changed because of the ministry. Thanks so much for your prayers this weekend... They have eternal impact!

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