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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I recently read a book that Brent let me borrow called "From 9/11 to 666", by Ralph Stice.

Like "Antichrist: Islam's Long Awaited Messiah" by Joel Richardson, Stice argues the case that the Imam Mahdi, Islam's messiah figure, will emerge during the Great Tribulation and will be the character known by Christians as the Antichrist.

Even with a simple glance at common Islamic eschatology, one will immediately find its similarities to Christianity's eschatology. Many of the locations, players, and key events line up with unbelievable precision.

While I didn't agree with a few things Stice said, I think he made a great case for the rise of Islam and where things might be headed for our nation and for our world. Many of the things he said did indeed sound very plausible and likely. I might take some future posts and discuss them if there's interest.

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