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Friday, August 24, 2007

Last night I was reading this recent article on CNN that had one particular fact that really stood out to me. Out of 750 random American Christians polled, nearly eight out of ten said that people of other beliefs could get into heaven. That's almost 600 out of the 750. Wow.

Some other interesting statistics from the poll:

  • 62 percent polled say that American society has strayed too far from its religious foundation in the past 50 years.
  • 45 percent said religion should have no influence on government decisions.
  • 36 percent said religion should have some influence, but not the major factor.
  • 57 percent say they believe the Book of Revelation's description of the violent end of the world, where all but Christians perish.
  • Almost 20 percent believes it will happen in their lifetime.
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Friday, August 17, 2007

I never thought this day would come.

After months and months of toil on my days off, It is finally done.

From photo galleries and a public blog (for those of you who kept up with me in the past, many of the posts from my old private blog are now exclusively in the "articles" section - it meant less work to migrate them over) to downloads and comments, my new website is official.

I originally got the idea in my head for a new site about a year ago, but was discouraged by the amount of work that would have to go into it.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lord have mercy... It's my only means to not melt in this heat.


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Saturday, August 11, 2007


You know it's hot when you stand outside for 30 seconds and already have sweat dripping down your forehead.

The AC has been running almost nonstop during the times my roommates and I are home. This heat ain't lettin' up anyime soon.

I hope New England is cooler...

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

After two weeks of being down at the FSM building, the global prayer room moved back to our normal venue at 10pm last night. Lighting changes, more paint, new logos, and a new drum cage are the highlights of the upgrades.

Prayer room

Here's a shot from the webcast I grabbed from the 4am intercession set this morning.

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