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Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is my second post in my "Prophetic Musician Interviews" series. If you haven't read the first one with Gabriel Hancock, be sure to check it out. I'm so privileged to have Jordan Vanderplate be a part of today's interview. Jordan plays with me on Justin Rizzo's worship team as our electric guitar player. We both used to play with Marcus Meier and Tim Reimherr's worship team (Merchant Band) last year.

jordan-5.jpgJosh: So you've been playing guitar for a while now, and you've been a musician at IHOP longer than I have. You've been through ups and downs, many "good" sets and many "bad" sets, and several different worship teams. What keeps you going? How do you stay engaged and keep your heart connected to the Lord?

Jordan: When I'm on stage I simply think about the fact that It's just me Jesus there alone and I sing in the Spirit as I'm playing. So many times I get distracted and weighed down by the cares of life especially when I'm on stage but then I remind myself that God is so worthy of praise and so much greater and stronger than any of my problems so I need to just give Him my anxieties and worship Him. Especially when I'm on stage and leading people in prophetic worship and intercession I must remember that I'm standing in a place of authority and I have the an anointing to prophesy through music.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

This is the first post in my new series “Prophetic Musician Interviews”. Today’s interview is part 1 with Gabriel Hancock, a fellow full-time missionary here at IHOP. Gabriel plays drums on Jon Thurlow’s worship team here in the prayer room.

Josh: So tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been playing the drums?

Gabriel Hancock

Gabriel: I have been playing drums for about 14 years. Some of those years I have played more consistently than others. I played in a band for 4 years and was able to tour the country right out of high school. 3 out the 4 guys in the band were Christian. I had vision to do ministry through playing music even though we never preached the Word from the platform. I would try to talk to kids about the Lord and love on them off the stage. In retrospect, I feel as though there was some ministry that took place. However at this point in my life it is clear that the Lord desires more from His musicians. I feel the Holy Spirit calling me to a higher vision than that which I once had. Music is simply too powerful to limit it to entertainment. Kids will listen to music for hours but fall asleep or check out the minute the pastor starts his message. Why do you think that is?

Josh: There’s definitely something more to music than just being a form of entertainment! As someone eagerly wanting God’s power to come forth from your music, I’m sure you would agree that the only way forward in that is to connect your heart with the Lord at a deeper level. Tell us a little about that.

Gabriel: I have heard it said before that connecting with the Lord is so simple that most people miss it. There must be a complicated formula in which to connect with the God of the universe. Thankfully the Lord is fully aware of our weakness and therefore established a method that anyone can follow regardless of skill level, gifting, health or age. All we must do is humble ourselves, quiet our hearts and simply talk to Him who holds the seven stars in His hand. To connect with the Lord off stage I will take a deep breath and say, “Holy Spirit, I love You. Thank You for Your presence.” When done throughout the day alongside gently praying in the Spirit your heart will begin to connect to the heart of God.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Scott just showed me this test to see if you're left or right brained.

It's pretty amazing.

uses logic, detail oriented, facts rule, words and language, present and past, math and science, can comprehend, knowing, acknowledges, order/pattern perception, knows object name, reality based, forms strategies, practical, safe

uses feeling, "big picture" oriented, imagination rules, symbols and images, present and future, philosophy & religion, can "get it" (i.e. meaning), believes, appreciates, spatial perception, knows object function, fantasy based, presents possibilities, impetuous, risk taking

If the dancer is rotating clockwise, you're more right-brained. If counterclockwise, you're more left brained.

I found often that if I looked away and then looked back, the dancer would be rotating in the opposite direction. I could never predict which way it was going to turn. How crazy!

What is the dancer doing for you?

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Over the past year, the readership of the prophetic music posts on my blog has gone up tremendously. I really feel like the Lord is forming part of my life message as I've written on it. I've connected with several other musicians here at IHOP who have the same heart and mind when it comes to the spirit of prophecy on their music. Because there really are not that many other people writing consistently on these issues, I've decided to start a new series - "Prophetic Musician Interviews".

My goal is to give you, my reader, another voice and perspective on prophetic music at the end of the age. I'll be interviewing worship leaders, singers, and musicians from IHOP who have a heart to see the spirit of prophecy on their music and song. I'll be asking them both theological and practical questions relating to their journey into the heart of God through music.

Some of the interviews to come include ones with Gabriel Hancock, drummer for Jon Thurlow, Seth Yates, electric guitar player for Cory Asbury and Matt Gilman, and Justin Rizzo, worship leader. Keep your bookmarks handy and check back often. I hope you are encouraged by them!

In the meantime, be sure to read the rest of my posts on prophetic music.

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