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Thursday, December 24, 2009

“Anyone contemplating the life of Jesus needs to be newly and more deeply aware every day that something scandalous has occurred: that God, in His absolute being, has resolved to manifest Himself in a human life. He must be scandalized by this, he must feel his mind reeling, the very ground giving way beneath his feet; he must at least experience that ‘ecstasy’ of non-comprehension which transported Jesus’ contemporaries (Mark 2:12; Mark 5:42; Mark 6:51).”
- Prayer by Hans Urs von Balthasar, p.159.

It’s Christmas time yet again in our world. While the rest of the world is giving gifts and taking days off from work, there is a greater invitation for us as believers in Jesus. More than gifts, vacations, and Christmas parties, we have the invitation to experience the “ecstasy of non-comprehension” as we look at the little baby lying helplessly in that foul-smelling feeding trough, knowing that we are beholding God Himself - the creator of the world and the sovereign ruler over all things.

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