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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In this age, so many are looking to make a name for themselves. From politicians and athletes to musicians and businesspeople, the human heart is always focused on self-promotion and gain. Our pride causes us to seek greatness through our own means. And no matter how much we achieve in this age, we always leave unsatisfied and longing for more. But what does exaltation, greatness, and satisfaction in God’s eyes look like?

Contrary to our fallen understanding of it, God’s idea of greatness is living from the heart in servanthood, humility, and meekness. In fact, this was the only character trait that Jesus proclaimed about Himself (Matthew 11:29).

For Jesus, servanthood was a trait fully reserved for recognition as “great” in the age to come. His standard for greatness must be our standard if we want to be called great His coming kingdom. The acceptance of this invitation has the power to lift the burden of having to accomplish anything in this age. Regardless of our outward achievements or ministry impact, we can be assured of being called great in His sight then by actually walking in servanthood, humility, and meekness today. As we do, we demonstrate the character of Jesus and His coming kingdom and speak of the day when servanthood is the character trait embraced by everyone. We are training now to reign with Jesus in the age to come.

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