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11 years of night and day prayer... but why?

Yesterday, September 19, 2010, the International House of Prayer in Kansas City celebrated 11 years straight of non-stop worship and prayer. The prayer meeting that began on September 19, 1999 has never stopped. In our day and age of religious pluralism, cultural convenience, and informational overload, it is an absolute miracle that this prayer meeting, mostly fueled by young adults, has continued this long. But ceaseless worship and prayer is not just a phenomenon going on in Kansas City. All over the United States and the world, prayer rooms are springing up without any coordinated effort or organization. This is something unprecedented that human history has never seen before, and is monumental in its significance. I wanted to take some time today to think again about why it is so significant, and I figured it would be beneficial for you as well. So, I’ll share!

The twenty-four seven prayer and worship movement that the Holy Spirit is raising up today is a sign of several very noteworthy things.

First, it is a sign of the coming Day where all wrong is made right. Night and day intercession is a sign of a never-ending objection of the way life is now without Jesus here with us leading the planet in righteousness. Though some see night and day prayer as a tool for man’s comfort and peace in this age, perpetual intercession actually draws attention to the hope of the age to come when the Bible speaks of the law of true justice going forth from Zion, all wrong things made right, and Jesus reigning as King of kings in Jerusalem. (Isaiah 2:2-4; Zechariah 8:1-8; Luke 18:7-8; Acts 17:31)

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