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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apple recently announced their new flagship phone, the iPhone 5. Yes, it's faster, thinner, brighter, and cooler than its predecessors. Every bit of it is meticulously designed to increase productivity, give you more "surf time", and make your friends jealous because your phone has a bigger, clearer screen and can do so many other things that theirs can't.

No matter how much Tim Cook and the folks at Apple tell us how "amazing" their products are, one thing remains true about every one of them - we will eventually be bored with them. The luster of the upgrade wears off, and we find ourselves in the same cyclical pattern, eagerly waiting for the next new model because that one surely will solve all of the issues and leave us fulfilled.

You'd think we would get the point after a few of these cycles. The "newness" is supposed to satisfy us, right? These things are supposed to make our lives more productive, which in turn frees us up for the things that are "really important". That ultimately makes the world a better place for everyone, right?


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