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googlelogo.gifI have Google Analytics set up for my site, and as a result I’ve been able to check out some of the search terms that internet users have used to reach my site. Some of them are really funny, some of them are fairly normal and expected, and others are pretty interesting, so I figured I would devote a post to them so people could actually find what they were looking for.

Some of the funny ones are:

“misty edwards ihop married”
“has misty edwards left ihop?”
“is matt gilman married”
“josh hawkins videos”
“is ihop part of the antichrist”

Some of the interesting and unexpected ones are:

“tim cone ihop”
“justin rizzo”
“lakeland revival drummer”

Some of the more “normal” ones are:

“intercessory missionary”
“prophetic music”
“josh hawkins”

Now for the explanations:

  • Misty Edwards has not left IHOP, she is not "burned out" by any means, and she is not on a "sabbatical". By the Lord's direction, she is in a season of intense consecration in order to focus on prayer and the Word in solitude. She has been leading sets for the past 9 years at IHOP and the intense season of consecration and solitude does not necessarily lend itself to leading 12 worship sets per week. I'd imagine she does not have the physical strength to lead that many sets per week either, as the Lord has invited her into extended fasting.
  • Misty Edwards is not married, and will say “no” if anyone emails her or goes up to her saying “God told me I am going to marry you”.
  • Matt Gilman is not married yet, but is engaged.
  • Josh Hawkins is also the name of a skateboarder from Arizona, from what I can tell. I’m not that Josh Hawkins, so you won’t find any videos here of me carving up the bowls making kickflips up onto the ledge.
  • No, IHOP is not “part of the antichrist”. We love Jesus a lot. If we were a part of “the antichrist”, we would hate Jesus a lot and deny that He is God - at least that's what the Bible says about the antichrist in 1 John 2:22.
  • Tim Cone is my roommate and worship leader at IHOP and an all around awesome guy.
  • Justin Rizzo is the worship leader I play keyboard for. I’m also working on his new website which should be launched shortly before his debut album comes out later this year.
  • I have no idea who the drummer at the Lakeland meetings is. I haven't been watching them for a while now. Maybe Todd Bentley’s ministry would know?
  • Google “intercessory missionary”. Voila. #1 site is mine :)
  • I’m probably going to be developing a new website with Jordan Vanderplate exclusively devoted to the topic of prophetic music. Watch for details on my blog!

Hope this clears things up for you googlers :)

Posted on: July 17, 2008
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That is hilarious Josh! By the way, I am totally amped about Justin's new album.. I've heard the sample track on his myspace and it is unbelievable!

Did you play keys for that song/album?

Nope, Justin had his cousin Nathan play keys on it. He did a great job!!!

Looked like a wedding ring on the prayerroom promotional video. Tell Misty we miss her!

Since people have been asking questions about Misty being married, I thought I could as were has David Brymer been?

I would like to know too!

You know, I'm not totally sure what is going on with David. Maybe I'll ask around...

I know that Misty needs prayer all the time. She is now a person who has a name in the worship stream. Many People know and love her music. But as she will tell all of us. She's weak and needs the might of the Holy Spirit to keep her. So we Pray for her like she has prayed for us. We love ya Misty!!!

David has been in California as part of the Pasadena house of prayer.

I must admit I'm curious too... is he still around at IHOP, worship leading?

No, he is not around. I know the Lord called him and his wife to something else for a season, but I am not sure how long that season is...

i want to put it on my page. do you know where i would set the code? =/

All of the details are at www.google.com/analytics ...

More specifically, this is probably what you're looking for:


Have fun!

I was wondering if it was the same Tim Cone that I met at in South Dakota in 2004. No pics. What a shame.

Tim's on my website in a bunch of pics...

But he said he's never been to South Dakota, so it must be a different Tim.

hehe that's funny. It's because these worship leaders have kinda become like celebrities and now everybody wants to know their personal lives.

Great post, I couldn't figure out where Misty had gone. Not to ask her to marry me though ;-) but I was missing her prayer room sets. I love her sets.

The Netherlands

Well finally I find out something ... I was wondering how Misty was doing ... I've been googling every so often on that. I have to admit that I was even looking in the obituaries in Kansas City area and was ready to send condolences if I found something tragic.

We all need more and more and more of His strength!!! Getting away is so needed sometimes.

I was curious about whether or not Misty Edwards is married b/c I have heard that she lives a very consecrated life and that she does A LOT of prayer and fasting, so I was interested if she made time for a family or not. It's amazing to see people living radical in this day and age, not accepting the status quo American lifestyle, and I guess for me, it just gives me courage to live more boldly for God.

ohhh so matt gilman DOES have a girlfriend?? hahaha

Hi, just wondering whether i could find out who was the worship leader on BPW after 10pm, on Nov7 and Oct31. She did piano solo and worship. (not Shelley Hundley). it was really anointed for me and i would like to get her worship CDs/mp3 if there's any. Thank you.

I have to confess I feel embarassed (don`t know if this is the right spelling...sorry my native language is spanish) because I DID google "misty edwards married" haha! I feel so identified with everything God does with her and my own calling, and.. today watching the webcasts I saw some close ups of Misty`s hands playing the keyboards and thought how odd..I thought I had seen a wedding band before! but yes, it is a beautiful thing when one learns how devoted this woman is and the extent of her devotion in this matter to this day anyhow... I don`t know... just wanted to humbly say I was one of them who googled that. I`m So glad I ended up in this page though :) Regards from Guatemala City.

the main drummer for Lakeland meetings was Billy Berry, drummer on our team for Ignited Church... fyi- he is not available, lol.
you can check out the band more at myspace.com/kelihornmusic

I was apart of ihop many years ago when they were in their first building. I remember a worship leader by the name of todd gnauvski. Is he still apart of ihop & lead sessions ever?

Todd moved to Nashville back in 2005 to help with a house of prayer there.

I stalk Misty because I, like Alexa, have found a sort of identification through Misty and what the Lord has given her to do. I'm a musician and want to start worshiping but need to get the "know how" first, and also the "where" and "what for". Anyway, I'm guilty of wondering what Misty is up to because she's such an inspiration to me! Big hug to her.

HHAHAHHAAH i laughed out loud about Misty saying "No" :D
Since it is now two years later, i hope Matt Gilman is married?
oh my why would people think ihop is part of the antichrist....

anyway nice entry. made me laugh :)

hey i purposely googled "misty edwards married" cuz i saw your twitter post. but that doesn't mean i'm not curious! thanks for all the clarifications on this post. i'm so thankful for misty. she sets the perfect example for us living in this modern world..that we can still look "cool" (in the most worldly definition) living in the fasted lifestyle..that we don't have to look like a nun.

Blessings to you,

Is Misty Edwards engaged? I am watching IHOP live and just saw what looks like an engagement ring on her left hand (2/26/11).

I'm watching that set now on the archives....

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