Current financial needs and savings goals

As a full-time minister of the Gospel, I rely on the generosity of the body of Christ to sustain my life in ministry to the Lord and to others.

This page will be updated with pressing, unusual, or extraordinary needs that I have. If the Lord would have you give to any of these needs, I would be eternally grateful. Your gift may be tax-deductible. For more information on giving to these needs, view this page.

New laptop computer - medium priority, short-term goal

I have a MacBook Pro computer from 2009 that I use every day for study, writing, and making my Gospels videos. The 3-year warranty has expired. Recently the computer has been showing its age with random crashes and data loss. For the moment it is working, but because of the crashes I'm beginning to save up for a replacement. If you've been blessed my my ministry in any way, would you consider a financial gift towards a new MacBook Pro?

Goal: $2500. Current progress: $1100.

Home mortgage - low priority, long-term goal

I have a 30-year home mortgage I am slowly paying off. While this is a low priority as the Lord meets my needs month-to-month, I believe that Jesus could easily put it on the heart of extravagant givers to help pay this off more quickly.

Payoff progress:

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