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Living as a witness to the coming Day of the LORD

by Josh Hawkins
Posted on July 26, 2007

God has placed one of the most amazing privileges available to us in our grasp - walking in the Spirit. The Father has chosen to release His presence and power of the Spirit in us and through us, but this promise will not simply happen in a vacuum. He made it clear that He would not release His power to us outside of an ongoing relationship with us.

Many times we wait and long for God to change our circumstances, come with physical healing, or come with breakthrough on our hearts – but we fail to realize He is waiting on us. He does not wait in anger, but He is so patient and...

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Did the fire go out?

Posted on July 23, 2007

If you turned on the IHOP-KC webcast this morning any time between about 6 and 7:30am, you probably saw this:


No worship team, no intercessors, nobody in the room at all.

Did the "fire on the altar" that had been burning for the past eight years go out?


We moved the prayer room down to FSM for the next 10 days for renovations in the global prayer room. No worries. The worship is still going strong! I was a living...

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Al Gore's hologram

Posted on July 11, 2007

Al Gore kicked off the Tokyo Live Earth concert in a very high-tech way - he appeared on stage as a life-size hologram.

Cool? For a tech guy, sure, it's cool. But for an end-times guy, it's scary.

Look back to the 1980s when VHS was the new hot thing. Only several years...