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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 22, 2007

Along with a little bit of snow yesterday came some unbelievably frigid temperatures here in Leadville, Colorado:



Happy thanksgiving to you, my dear family, friends, and supporters, and my awesome readers, lurkers, and audio downloaders! :)

I am grateful today for the Lord's kindness to me when I did not deserve it. God's leadership of my life is flawless... I am a stranger and a pilgrim here on the earth, and my real home is a...

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Off to Colorado!

Posted on November 19, 2007

I'm spending Thanksgiving once again this year in the beautiful expanse of Leadville, Colorado again where scenes like this one are common place:

Empire Gulch

My dad took that photo with his Canon PowerShot digital camera back at the beginning of October.

Now if that does not provoke you to jealousy, I am not sure what will! :)

Look for some new photos in my gallery when I return. Maybe they'll be as awesome as my...

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Do you "pray-read" the Bible?

Posted on November 16, 2007

We all know how important it is as believers to read the Word and to pray. But if you're anything like me, growing up I always compartmentalized and separated my prayer and reading time. I'd read a few chapters, then close my Bible and spend a few minutes in mostly unfocused prayer before becoming distracted and bored. There was nothing sinful or wrong with the way I prayed and read, and I'm confident the Lord was well-pleased in my attempts to love Him by spending time with Him.

However, I later realized there was a much more exciting way to have a quiet time with the Lord. I...