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A Wounded Heart

Posted on July 15, 2010

The disciples and close friends of Jesus were consumed with a prevailing, singular yearning such that their lives were lived as ones who had been exiled. Their freedom from the entanglements of this life and this age enabled them to love their brothers, sisters, and neighbors with reckless abandon. So often in their writings to one another, we see this common yearning – an eager expectation for their Bridegroom, King, and Judge to return to the earth.

This “eager expectation” pervades the New Testament and defines what it means to belong to Christ. “Christ, having been offered...


De-Greecing the Church, Part 2

by David Pawson
Posted on July 15, 2010

From modern day politics, sports, and culture to the mindset of the church towards "heaven", the resurrection, and the Kingdom of God, the Greeks have had a significant effect on the way that we perceive the world.

The Bible was written by Hebrews, but we tend to view it through Greek glasses and come away with wrong understanding as a result. In this teaching, English author and teacher David Pawson speaks on the influence that Greek philosophy and culture has on the church beginning early after Jesus' ascension all the way up through modern day. His simple and easy to understand...

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The Glory of God in the face of Jesus

Posted on July 5, 2010

The word “glory” fills the conversation, writing, prayer, and preaching of many in the Charismatic and Evangelical world today. We claim to be seeking for God to “release His glory” on people or places or for Him to “show us His glory”. It has become such an ambiguous term that can mean almost anything, and we seek Him so earnestly for it as if He has yet to actually show it to us in fullness.

What are we really seeking? I fear we have made it more complicated than it was ever meant to be.

In contrast to the confused Charismatic understanding of “glory”, the Bible’s...