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October 13, 2007

I've been super busy with my kitchen renovation the past couple of days - painting, painting, and more painting. It's amazing what some fresh paint and new cabinet hardware (courtesy of IKEA) will do to a kitchen! I'll post some before and after pics on my photo gallery when I've completed everything.

Well, this coming Monday starts a 3-week-long change in my schedule. I'm helping David Sliker as a teaching assistant for his "Biblical Foundations of Eschatology" class at FSM. This semester we have almost two hundred students taking the class. David lectures Monday through Wednesday, but my favorite part of the class happens on Thursdays when we split up all of the students into small groups for discussion. It's amazing to see how even over three weeks the students are stirred to greater hunger to understand the leadership of Jesus at the end of the age.

I'm a big end-times guy, but not for the reasons you might expect. I am not interested in a bunch of facts, figures, and charts about when Jesus is coming back or how intense the sixth seal will be. But I am interested in understanding the Man behind the facts and the sixth seal. The study of the end-times can't be diminished to charts, timing, and who goes where, when. The book of Revelation is not the revelation of the antichrist or the revelation of the judgments of God. Revelation 1:1 tells us exactly what the whole book is about. "The Revelation of Jesus Christ". The study of the end-times is not just for the scholarly or learned. It's for every believer, because the knowledge of Jesus is for every believer. Studying it should give us zeal to pursue the first commandment - it should propel us into deeper love and devotion to Jesus.

Studying the end-times reveals the desires, longings, and passions of Jesus and shows us the lengths that He will go to in mercy to bring the greatest number of souls into the deepest level of love for Him. So I am excited about these next three weeks, because I get to once again take a hard look at who it is orchestrating the final hours of human history!

Expect many end-times related posts these next 3 weeks :)


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Slikers class!

It's awesome you're helping out with Dave's class! This morning was pretty amazing! It should be an intense next 3 weeks.


Indeed, it should be pretty

Indeed, it should be pretty intense!

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