Satisfying our "colossal inner blah"

I came across this amazing quote from Thomas Dubay's book "Happy Are You Poor" and wanted to share it with you all.

“Plain honesty requires that we assert that the New Testament teaches an unblushing and uncompromising asceticism [simplicity], a hard road and narrow gate, a carrying of the cross every day, a renouncing of all that one possesses, a being rid of superfluities, and a dying with the Lord (Matthew 7:13-14; Luke 9:23; Luke 14:33; 1 Timothy 6:7-8; Romans 6:3-5). But it also teaches a rich, abundant human living, a complete and intense joy beyond understanding, a joy no one can take away, a rejoicing in the Lord always, a tasting of the very goodness of uncreated Beauty (John 10:10; John 15:11; John 16:22; 1 Peter 1:8; 1 Peter 2:3; Philippians 4:4).

To the worldling the idea of finding joy in frugality is absurd, for to him joy is nothing more nor less than sense pleasures. He knows nothing deeper, nothing more lofty. And sense pleasures can be unceasingly multiplied only with money, abundant money, the more the better. But deep down, though he kicks the heels of his spirit in a refusal to face it, the worldling does know that sense pleasures bring happiness to no one. He knows that something is radically missing in his own life... There is a sprinkle of pleasure here and there…even though one feels the gnawing emptiness aching in his heart. The worldling will not face his colossal inner blah. He multiplies experiences in an unending and desperate attempt to numb his spirit. It hurts so much not to have attained the very reason for his existence, an immersion in God, that he uses things as a narcotic. The worldling pursues prestige or comfort or wealth or sexual encounters not because they basically satisfy him (if they did, once would be enough) but because they dull his inner aching. Always and eventually he is faced with his personal failure. But the sight of it is so revolting and painful, he dives once again into the aspirin sea of frantic pursuits.”

The temporal, worldly pleasures we all run to are never meant to fill the ache put deep into our hearts by God. I want to run to the only true satisfaction to my inner ache, not to the world's pleasures. They are just temporary pain medications to dull my spirit and momentarily mask the intense aching inside of me for God! I hope this quote provokes a little bit more you to run after true pleasure and true joy only found in Christ.


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Thanks for Sharing

Thanks for sharing these words of life. It's so easy for the simplicity of Christ to be obscured and for us to forget how radically different our culture is to be from the world's. May we again commit to be a counter-culture and not just a sub-culture!

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It's great to hear someone write about that balance between giving up everything the world holds onto to find the exuberance of life in Jesus!

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My wife read that book and

My wife read that book and it totally messed her up, in a good way! :)

I love how Dubay writes. I loved Fire Within, not only for the message but also for the clarity and candidness it was authored with. I guess I'll have to get this one into me as well.

Beleive it or not I don't

Beleive it or not I don't have the book yet either Timmy, I just read the quote in a handout by someone here - it's on my wishlist, but I may end up picking it up myself at some point :)

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Thomas Dubay "Happy Are You Poor" article March 12, 2009

I was reading in a Christian News mag. called World(January 17, 2009) and half of the mag was on the issue of abortion even as far back as 1500's. One article really caught my attention which adds to this article Happy Are You Poor. The article stated that the last two generations of Hispanic girls have pulled away from their fathers and forefathers of family in this sense: When the girls come to America and enter into the educational system via college and then enter the career scene, they become pro abortion. Now all you girls that are Hispanic and disagree with this - I am just giving you data that has followups studies - I am not attacking Hispanic girls - I am expressing a point that the Hispanics have been the example of family life for decades. This article has studies to back this. My thought is that I believe that those of us who have been "blessed"???? to live in America have been brainwashed so much in an agenda that does not follow the Biblical pattern of a true disciple. I realize that we are now in a shift and I believe it is a mindset shift more than anything. Everything that we have grown up being taught in school and college seems to be falling: which at one point you could base you life on having a college degree or career - things that we really do not see in the Biblical setting. I say that something is deeply wrong in America that our education instutions so affect the moral values of a person - its that underlying deception that finds its way to SELF - the two trees in the garden choice. My cry is God please change our mindset and strongholds of knowledge that exalt itself against the knowledge of God and the Kingdom of God principles. Understanding this brings a person to weakness and total dependency on the mercy of God. So I agree that there is an element of truth in Happy Are You Poor - its like the man who sold all he had to purchase the pearle of great price. I think its in the selling of all (which brings you to a poor state - both spiritual and natural)that you realize the true value of intimacy with Christ!

Weakness and total

Weakness and total dependency on Him is what He is looking for! In our weakness, He is made strong!

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