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Saturday, January 26, 2013

We are a couple weeks into the new year and undoubtedly for many, the strong resolutions made in late 2012 are already turning into hopeful wishes for 2013. Whether it be the new workout routine, better time management, or healthier eating habits, our human zeal wanes without constant provocation and motivation from others. But even with incentive, our follow-through is often lacking the consistency we desire.

Yet among all of the resolutions we could possibly make for the new year, one will always rise above the rest because it has the guarantee of God's might helping us to follow through. It's a resolution I set my heart to make not just every year, but every day - to grow in the knowledge of Jesus.

Just as we can't instantly know all there is to know about our spouse, close friends, or co-workers the moment we meet them, we can't have immediate depth in our relationship with Jesus the instant we give our lives to Him. At the moment of our repentance and salvation, we are merely introduced to Him by the Holy Spirit as Lord of all and our brother in humanity, and daily we hear His invitation to spend the rest of our lives searching Him out and actually growing in a real friendship with Him.

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