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Thursday, December 22, 2016

We live in a world where Hollywood blockbusters, school plays, department stores, and our church hymnals all contribute to the way we understand and remember the birth of the promised king of Israel. This secularization has given rise to overfamiliarity with the story of Jesus’ birth. Our children’s books and nativity scenes, while helpful in some ways, have also given us a false sense of confidence when it comes to the details. Ask the average westerner today to tell you the story of Jesus’ birth and you will almost certainly hear things that are altogether inaccurate or utterly different from the reliable historical accounts we have in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

I’ve narrated through the birth of Jesus in detail in my video series on the Gospels, but as we approach Christmas, I wanted to give a handful of commonly believed details of the story that are misunderstood or absent from the Bible.

Knowing the story rightly

Getting the details right should matter to us - not just for the sake of our witness, but because we actually love Him. Not only does real knowledge lead to an overflowing heart, but is He worth us knowing Him deeply. Love is oriented outwardly and is focused on the object of our love, not on what we derive out of the person that we’re loving. This is why we should not be content with fuzzy or surface-level details of the story.

The Bible shares so many beautiful details of Christ’s birth, and each one is an invitation into a deeper knowledge of Him and closer friendship with Him.

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