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Posted on June 21, 2017

A day is coming when Jesus, or perhaps better understood as Yeshua of Nazareth, will return to the earth and establish an everlasting kingdom in Jerusalem. In this book, Joel Richardson paints a picture of what Jesus' coming earthly reign will be like. He strongly opposes the notion that gentile Christians have "replaced" the Jews and Israel as the people of promise. Joel also details the history of anti-Semitism within the church from the very beginning in what may be the most thorough repudiation of what has become known as “Replacement Theology,” or, as Richardson calls it, “...

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Posted on April 2, 2013

Before Jesus returns, the scriptures make clear that the church will "fill up in [her] flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ" (Colossians 1:24), embodying the sufferings of Jesus as the highest witness to the world of the longsuffering love of God. Because much of the church in the West is unfamiliar with the normalcy of suffering for the Gospel, Dalton's book Unto Death is a critical message for the church in this hour.

Recommended Resource
Posted on August 11, 2007

This book is another great resource to get a simple, down-to-earth perspective of Biblical prophecy related to the end-times. David Pawson unpacks scripture in a clear manner that everyone can easily understand.

In these days of concern about the end-times, what is really known about Christ's second coming and how can we prepare for it? Christians everywhere await Christ's return. Will He come to the whole world or just one place? Soon and suddenly or after clear signs? What can He achieve by coming back here and how long will it take? David Pawson brings clarity and insight to...