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The Lord is so kind!

Posted on September 30, 2008

Ok. Sparing all the details, this is just a phenomenal testimony of the Lord's goodness. Last year I bought this 2000 Mitsubishi Galant. It died on the highway back in early August:

I prayed and asked the Lord to give me reliable transportation - either the funds and knowledge to fix the dead car or another vehicle altogether. Through a series of ridiculous circumstances with provision and offerings from many people, some totally unexpected and others absolutely extravagant, the Lord gave me this new...

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Jordan Vanderplate has a website!

Posted on September 26, 2008

One of my best friends here at IHOP and a prophetic musician with me here on Justin Rizzo's worship team, Jordan Vanderplate, finally has an awesome looking website.

Check it out at

He is committed to being a watchman on the wall just like I am here at IHOP for many years to come. The Lord has anointed him with dreams and desires to prophesy with his music, and he has set his heart to learn from the Holy Spirit as he grows as a musician. Plus he is one of the funniest guys you will ever meet. Send him...


Before an audience of One

by Josh Hawkins
Posted on September 23, 2008

In the Christian music arena, the phrase “before an audience of One” is used liberally by almost every church worship leader, Nashville recording artist, and youth group musician. I absolutely love the concept – we don’t play to impress 300 in church on Sunday morning or 50,000 people in a stadium. We play to impress the Lord Himself, because, even though it may seem weak, we truly believe that He is pleased as we play and sing before Him.

But do we really believe that? Can we honestly say, without hesitation, that if absolutely nobody showed up to the show or worship service,...


The great line of division: Is Jesus God?

by Josh Hawkins
Posted on September 18, 2008

I believe the greatest point of contention that men will wrestle with at the end of the age is the identity of Jesus. Is he just a good man that lived a few thousand years ago or is He fully God?

I’ve been studying Christology lately, and even just yesterday my roommate Tim spoke to some Jehovah’s Witnesses at our door. As we were talking last night, we both quickly made the point that the root of the problem in their faith is their misunderstanding of the person of Jesus. They believe He was just a mediator for a super-spiritual class of believers throughout history, the 144,...

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Jesus, the Man of sorrows

Posted on September 18, 2008

Dana Candler made this post on her blog a few days ago that you should check out. It's really caused me to think deeper about Jesus as the "Man of sorrows", as Isaiah 53 describes Him.

Isaiah didn't mean he was a "sad" Man walking around day by day depressed by the condition of humanity or by the pain of the cross He would have to endure, but rather a Man who felt the pain of being misunderstood, rejected, and despised to its fullest. Jesus did not use pride and self-exaltation as a "defense...

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Visiting New Hampshire this week

Posted on September 15, 2008

This week I'm visiting my old home state of New Hampshire to see old friends, visit family, and meet new friends as I raise prayer and financial support to keep me set as a watchman on the wall in Kansas City. I usually come back here at least once per year to stay connected to what the Lord is doing in my old home church and what He's stirring among the young adults in the region.

Last night, I had the opportunity to speak in Rindge, NH at Monadnock Full Gospel Church for their...

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A desert wedding and the love of God

Posted on September 4, 2008

About a week and a half ago, I was in Scottsdale, Arizona for a wedding. Weddings have taken on an entirely different meaning for me since moving to IHOP 5 years ago. They are such a dim but beautiful snapshot into the heart of the Father to prepare a bride for His Son. I was so honored to be a groomsman for such a good friend and brother in the Lord, Shawn Zajas. Shawn was married to Kellie Hubbell, his best friend for the past several years, on August 23, 2008 in the presence of God, family, and so many loving friends. It was truly a special moment!

During the ceremony as...