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The New Testament holds out three main concepts that are essentially the measuring rod for Christian maturity - faith, hope, and love. This 10-session class lays a solid foundation for those concepts by covering the Biblical worldview and developing the simple storyline of the Bible from creation to the age to come.

Topics covered include the Abrahamic, Mosaic, and Davidic covenants, the ministry of Jesus, and the Gentiles as well as ancient and modern distortions of faith, hope, and love.

UPDATE: This class will be updated and reposted in the future.

In Luke 9, Jesus gives three conditions to follow Him and be His disciple - "deny yourself", "take up your cross", and "follow me". This series examines each one of these phrases and their implication for our Christian walk.

Jesus was born and lived 30 years before He performed any miracle or did any ministry. Why do we endeavor to "make an impact" and jump into ministry when the Son of God gave us an example on how to live? In this two-part series, Josh develops the example of Jesus' life as the highest for our own.

The Biblical Theology Seminar is a concise theological overview designed to equip the Church in righteousness and perseverance as we approach the end of this age. In these six sessions, teacher John Harrigan contrasts the biblical worldview and western worldview, clarifies the nature of truth, and gives scriptural support for the gospel of the Messiah, the resurrection, and His future kingdom.

Many believers in Christ fear death, have little to no hope of the resurrection, and believe that their reward is in this age. Contrary to this modern mindset, the scriptures plainly declare that martyrdom is the glorious destiny of the end-time church. In this two-part teaching John Harrigan delivers a timely and powerful word on martyrdom, it's purpose, and its glory as declared in scripture.

We all desire intimacy with God on a deep level. It’s what we were made and fashioned for. But what exactly does it mean and how do we grow in it? Most believers are confident that they desire intimacy with Jesus, but few can tell you exactly what it means or how to obtain it. In this two-part series, Josh demystifies intimacy with Jesus and gives practical tips on how to grow in it.

For more, be sure to check out Episode 1 and 2 of Josh's video series called Opening Up the Gospels on this page.

We all want to grow in love for Jesus, but how do we practically do it? This is a short series on identifying what intimacy with Jesus really means and how to grow in it.

There can never be enough written and spoken about the Son of God taking on flesh and being born into the world. This series examines eight different themes related to the Incarnation and how each of them have a profound effect on our devotion and loyalty to Jesus. This series was written for Advent and Christmas in late 2010.