The Lord is clearly moving in an unusual way in our world today. From churches and college campuses in Kansas City, Texas, and Atlanta to New England, Redding, California, and many places even across the globe, there is an unprecedented move of the Holy Spirit taking place. God is revealing Himself to His church as the joyful Father that loves to heal bodies and restore our hearts to the place where we truly believe in His love for us.

I love the extended meetings we’ve been having here at IHOP-KC. The Holy Spirit touches us in so many different ways. The Lord has healed many bodies and even more hearts to receive and believe His love. Just as Jesus said, the “wheat” and the “tares” are both growing up together (Matthew 13:30), and I believe that we will continue to see seasons of refreshing, renewal, healing, and revival that will increase in scope and intensity prior to the Lord’s return. I believe the meetings will even go to some of the stadiums of the earth where many will witness visible, open displays of God’s power and presence.

Good meetings in stadiums are not the final intentions of the Holy Spirit’s stirrings today. In these days (and those days when good stadium meetings come) we are experiencing extraordinary signposts, markers, and witnesses to the ultimate end – the restoration of all things. In the midst of the great revival in the book of Acts, the apostle Peter and the rest of the Jews in Jerusalem understood that revival was not the “end” and that there was still a coming day in the Lord’s heart (Acts 3:21) – a day He has been waiting on now for over 6,000 years. It is the day in which the One from the line of David would return to the earth to establish the kingdom of God. It is the day in which the promised Seed (Genesis 3:15) would openly initiate the process of defeating death and restoring all things in the heavens and on the earth to their original glory.

The Lord plays “multi-dimensional chess”, but is always working with this end in mind. With that in consideration, we can look at what the Holy Spirit is doing and realize it is not disconnected from His ultimate plan. Among other "external" reasons which I've addressed in other posts, I primarily see these five main "internal" reasons for the Holy Spirit’s move of power today:

The Father’s heart

The Father is restoring the joy of childlikeness to us as we encounter His love and tenderness. When we understand that the Father truly loves us because we are adopted as His son or daughter, we stop trying to earn His approval. Holiness and obedience becomes joyful instead of a dutiful drudgery. And as we encounter His love for us, it allows us to see others with His eyes and love them in the same way.

The compassion of Jesus

Many physical healings are happening as a result of this move of God, and each one is deeply rooted in Jesus’ heart of compassion. Over and over again in the gospels, we see our Lord deeply moved with compassion. As the Chosen One of God to abolish death forever, He released a sign of that coming day when walking into the city of Nain in Luke 7:11-17 in raising a widow’s son from the dead. His compassion was His motivation then, and that same compassion is what motivates Him to heal today, and each one of the healings that we see serves as a signpost to the coming day of the Lord and His glory.

Training in humility

Many folks look at the way meetings are run and forget that God often will offend the mind and reveal the heart. Through this I believe that the Lord is beckoning everyone to a new depth of humility and Christ-likeness in this move by:

  1. Inviting those whose body reacts to the presence of God in strange ways to renounce their pride and submit to God’s hand.
  2. Inviting those whose body does not move at all to believe that He is touching them, but just in imperceptible ways.
  3. Inviting those who are confused or distracted to ask for help to set their focus on Jesus, His glory and worth, and His work in people’s hearts and lives.

He is really answering all those prayers we have prayed for humility and to be like Him!

The first commandment being restored to the first place

Right now, the church in the west is more concerned about bigger ministry than about a bigger heart of love towards Jesus. But as we have our eyes opened by the Spirit to see the indescribable worth of Jesus, our hearts are beckoned in greater love and abandonment towards Him, especially in the secret place when nobody is looking. As the Spirit helps us, our time, money, energy, words, thoughts, and gifts will come under the leadership of Jesus so that He truly has the preeminence in all things in our lives (Colossians 1:18).

The restoration of true biblical hope, the hope of glory

The western church today is almost completely disconnected from the New Testament idea of “hope”, minimizing it to an emotion to help sustain us before we have power, dominion, influence, or lasting peace and joy in this age. But the New Testament idea of hope is completely anchored in the age to come, in which Jesus will come, establish His kingdom, and abolish death forever. Signs and wonders, healings, joy, and revival are not manifest evidences of Christ's kingdom breaking in to the earth today, but are something much more important - they are heightened, undeniable evidences to the coming day of the Lord where He will establish His messianic kingdom on the earth, give the saints a resurrected body free of imperfections, and deal with sin and death forever.

If we set our hope on “now” so that we believe that our mandate is societal transformation, great revival, or some great influence of the church on the world in this age, will we be found disillusioned and offended at God if those things do not come to pass in the way we think they will? The biblical hope does not disappoint in any way (Romans 5:5), because the resurrection of Christ and the Spirit living in us guarantees the promises of God (Ephesians 1:14; 2 Corinthians 1:20). God raised Jesus from the dead as the clearest evidence of His identity as Lord and Christ (Acts 2:36), and this is what provoked the Jews to believe in His return to make all things new (Ephesians 1:9-10). Every time someone is healed or delivered, every time someone shakes or is overwhelmed by God’s presence, and every time our hearts are filled with God’s joy, God is giving us an undeniable, divine witness to His promise, and this is what anchors us in the hope of the restoration of all things. We must not minimize these witnesses, but see them as divine assistance to propel our hearts deeper in the "hope to which He has called us" (Ephesians 1:18). I have much more to say about this topic, so I’ll write another post about this point later.