In this teaching, IHOPU instructor Stephen Venable lays out the biblical reasons for a crescendo of worship and prayer at the end of the age. He describes how God has chosen to reveal His unique identity to the whole world, resulting in incessant, perpetual adoration of Jesus the Messiah as God Himself. In other words, the Lord is orchestrating a global worship movement that will culminate with the worship of God on earth as it is in heaven.

The fact that the concept of a global worship movement is often met with such indifference reveals how deeply disconnected we are from God’s ultimate purpose – his own glorification, magnification and exaltation in the earth; how deeply we misunderstand what man was created for – to glorify, praise, honor, and make much of Him; and how little zeal we have for His name.

But a day is coming when the Man that is blasphemed among the nations today will be seen for who He is - God Himself. On that day, He will receive the worship, attention, and affection that He is due!

This teaching puts 24/7 worship and prayer in its proper context as a sign of the end of the age, and is a follow-up to The Worth of Christ and 24/7 Prayer, given by Stephen Venable in back to back weeks at IHOP-KC's Forerunner Christian Fellowship.

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