November 12, 2009, 6am - The first day I came up with the "Awakening Melody", featured on Forerunner Music's CD "Joy".

This is a clip of the 6am prayer meeting the day after the unusual move of the Holy Spirit in Wes Hall's IHOPU class (11/11/09). There was a tangible feeling of joy in the room (which is unusual for a 6am prayer meeting with young adults), and many were feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The "Awakening Melody", as it came to be known, was formed at this prayer meeting. We were simply playing a walk-up progression, and I asked the Lord to give me a melody to play. I began fumbling around some notes to play on top of the progression, and this is what came out. Susanna, our violin player, and Logan, our electric player, also heard the melody I was playing and jumped on it.

A simple ascending line that expresses the glad heart of Jesus really came to be one of the memorable musical moments of the IHOPU Student Awakening!

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