In February 2010, I visited College Station, Texas where Justin Rizzo and I led worship for a prayer conference. I was "the band" for the weekend, producing all of the background accompaniment (bass, drums, keys, electric, and even some background vocals) for our worship times and prayer meetings using my laptop and Ableton Live.

This video is just a small demonstration of the power of Ableton Live.

I'm posting this to hopefully encourage you up and coming houses of prayer and musicians who are looking to have prayer meetings with more than just a guitar or piano. A "big" sound is possible even with few musicians!

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Bro this is so crazy!!!! I

Bro this is so crazy!!!! I really need to learn how to do this!!! Iam serious! that is so awesome I felt the lord on that! you are blessed with an awesome talent by the Lord hawkins! i love you bro!

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This is truly awesome, i

This is truly awesome, i never heard or seen something like this before. Your are great bro.

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