January 6, 2010, 6am set, Justin Rizzo leading, I'm playing keys. We're praying for California's college campuses, and we get into a cool groove with the horns. Earlier in the cycle, Justin gets on the talkback mic and asks me to try to come up with a sound he first described like "lasers", but then said "well, not lasers, but you know what I mean". I found a sound that worked, but I also found a laser sound.

There was a particularly light mood in the prayer room that morning.

The funny moment is where the laser sound blares at 0:41. The remainder of the video is the rest of my team laughing hysterically. I was crying I was laughing so hard! Justin loses it at 1:48...

I'm grateful that Jesus is the author of humor :-)

For the techies out there, the laser sound was just a stock patch from Spectrasonics Omnisphere.

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