When Jesus performed a miracle or taught with authority during His two-year ministry, the crowds were continually filled with awe and wonder. Our overfamiliarity with the stories often leaves us bored and disconnected instead of inciting similar feelings of awe and wonder. How does the life of Jesus move from being a fairy tale to real history in our minds? In the next two episodes, I'll expound upon biblical meditation and prayerful pondering of Jesus' life and words.

This video is part of the Opening Up the Gospels series.


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So refreshing and engaging!

What a blessing it is to hear such clear and articulate truths about Jesus and His life. Already my curiosity to peer deeper into the gospels and His life has increased because of these videos! Would love to hear hour upon hour of your teaching... Keep up the good work! So excited to stay tuned to your upcoming videos!

I really enjoy how well you organize each video and the message it contains- its very simple and straight forward yet unveils the excellencies of Christ! Thank you for taking your time to provide these to us!

I really love thinking about how Jesus experienced life in real time just as we do, within real seconds and minutes in a real time in history. To truly slow things down and realize that Jesus observed, had real thoughts, pondered, experienced fatigue and literally submitted himself to the complete human experience (sinless of course) is just fascinating. I was picturing Him walking by himself and accidentally tripping a bit, catching himself and then letting out a beautiful laugh as He gazed up at the Father. Oh how I'd love to hear His laugh and His singing voice!!

Bless you Josh! Thanks for the continued encouragement!

Wow! Thank you!

Shawn, thanks so much for your kind words... Your response is exactly what I hope is produced in everyone who watches the videos! Jesus is so glorious!

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