In episode 5 of Opening Up the Gospels, I introduced Biblical meditation and a prayerful pondering of Jesus' life as the way for His life and words to become more real to us. In this episode, I give some practical tips on meditation and how to dialogue with Him about His story. I also share a story of how Jesus touched my heart as I talked to Him about the scene in John 2 and the Wedding at Cana.

Also be sure to check out 50 Questions to Ask in Prayer During Gospel Meditations.

This video is part of the Opening Up the Gospels series.


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Hei, Josh, I'm so happy to have come across your videos, they are so helpful! I want to watch them all, I see there are a lot at the moment. I just want to know Jesus as closely as possible to who he was while on the earth.
I just wanted you to know that your work is encouraging and reaches to the ends of the world (I'm from Romania). Be blessed and keep it up!

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