Haircuts for men - students, cadets, BCS locals


What is your experience? How many heads have you cut?

I've been cutting hair since 2000. In that time, I've cut over 5000 heads of hair.

How much do you charge? Do you accept debit/credit cards?

I don't charge any money for cutting anyone's hair (I legally can't because I don't have a barber license). But I will gladly accept donations towards my ministry. Most guys donate between $15-$25.

How did you learn?

I started cutting hair in college when I bought a set of clippers to buzz my own head so I wouldn't have to pay for haircuts. Shortly after, roommates and floormates started asking for cuts. I got better as time progressed, eventually learning how to do more complex clipper cuts as well as longer layered styles with shears. When I moved across the country for a ministry internship, I started cutting hair for the guys in my internship and then decided to begin accepting donations towards my ministry when someone came for a haircut.

Why should I come to you over going to a chop shop?

You have the opportunity to support someone in full-time campus ministry instead of paying a random person! You'll get the same quality cut you're looking for.

How do I know if you're good?

I've cut over 5000 heads, many of whom keep coming back again and again. Of course for a bit more of an unbiased opinion, just ask someone who has gotten a cut from me.

Do you cut girls' hair?

No. I probably could, but I don't dare for my own sake. I probably won't even cut my wife's hair when I get married, even if she wanted me to!

Who cuts your hair?

I do, with a few mirrors, a steady hand, and patience! It's really not that hard.

My cut is a little different or I am picky. How can I get the cut I want?

Words work well, but bring a picture if you want something out of the ordinary or you're not sure how to describe what you want. It will help me cut the style you're looking for.

Can you cut a clean fade with no lines?

Yes. Having the skill is important, but having the right tools makes all the difference. And I hate lines in fades.

Can you cut a longer style with layers? What about fish cuts for cadets?

Yes. These are probably the second most popular styles I cut.

Do you cut kids?

Sure, as long as the little trooper can keep his head steady!

What or how much should I donate towards your ministry?

Most guys donate between $15-$25.

When are you available for cuts?

Use the booking page to make an appointment. If there's nothing available, I can be flexible, so contact me and I am sure we can find the time that works best for you.

What about your shop? Where is it, what tools do you use and is it clean?

I don't have a storefront. I cut out of my home with a small shop I have set up in a spare bedroom. I use the industry standard barber tools including Oster and Andis clippers and trimmers and sharp shears and thinning shears. I sanitize all the tools between cuts and use sanitary neck strips and clean capes on each client to keep everything and everyone clean.

Have you ever thought about being a full-time barber?

I may have some barbering skills, but I have no desire to become a full-time barber or do anything with barbering in a professional way. I set up a small room in my house as a shop so that I could serve people practically and get to know more people around here.

Do you do anything else to help stay supported in full-time ministry?

Yes. The apostle Paul made tents, I build apps and websites (Hawkeye Design Group).