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As a full-time minister of the Gospel, Josh raises financial support. Josh's ability to minister to Jesus and to others through teaching depends solely on the generosity of the body of Christ. Josh links arms with a team of ministry partners who:

  1. Believe Jesus is worthy of humanity's attention and praise
  2. Long to see the gospel of the kingdom preached to our nation and the nations of the earth
  3. See Josh as "good soil" to sow into as a laborer for the proclamation of the glory of Christ and His cross

If Josh's message, ministry, or the resources on this site have blessed you in any way, would you consider giving a financial gift, practical gift, or joining Josh's monthly partnership team? For more information on specific needs you may be able to help with, see Josh's needs page.

By giving generously, you will partake of the fruit of Josh's ministry on the day of the Lord. This is treasure that can never be taken from you!

"Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account."
(Philippians 4:17)

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