Hey, I'm Josh.

I've been in full-time ministry since 2004 and currently serve as a pastor under the oversight and leadership of the Malachi Network. I live in College Station, Texas and minister to university students at Texas A&M University through Bible studies, prayer meetings, and individual discipleship/mentorship.

I also serve as co-host and producer of The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast, a weekly show exploring the Gospel that Jesus' first disciples heard, what recent historical studies have clarified about it, and how followers of Jesus should live in light of it.

Before moving to Texas in 2014, I worked with the Antioch Center for Training and Sending (ACTS), a missions organization based in Colorado Springs where I gave my time and energy to the ACTS Research division as a missions writer, researcher, and web developer. Prior to missions and pastoral ministry, I spent over 15 years serving on local church and parachurch ministry worship teams as a keyboard player.

My Goals

My life's aim is to spend and be spent for the Gospel. Why? The God of Israel has proven himself reliable, and the message he has spoken through the Scriptures is trustworthy. Therefore, the most appropriate thing to do is to proclaim that message with boldness and live in light of its soon fulfillment and consummation. As a pastor and Bible teacher, my ministry is focused on making mature disciples of Jesus that understand, boldly proclaim, and faithfully live out the Gospel, enduring until the day of Christ Jesus.


Details matter. Digging into the details of the Bible's story is the primary way a disciple grows in the knowledge of God. His past deeds - the way he has revealed himself - and his future promises for Israel and the nations - how he will reveal himself - must not remain foggy or ambiguous. They are the fuel for the urgency and sobriety that Jesus calls every disciple to live with as we cling to the cross and await his return.


Clarity begets certainty. When the details of Scripture line up with verifiable historical events and in context to the language and culture of the Biblical authors, a deep conviction is born in the heart about God and his promises. Lifestyles change. Priorities change. A disciple bears witness to the truth with courage and confidence. The Spirit backs up the bold proclamation of the Gospel with power and miracles.


Certainty leads to a steadfast commitment. Just as a storm-battered house cannot stand if built on sand, a disciple of Jesus cannot stand in their commitment to obedience without a firm foundation in the Scriptures and perseverance that is tested by trials. The certain hope of the return of Jesus, the day of judgment, and the age to come is the engine that drives discipleship and daily self-denial.

My Ministry

Pastor and Bible teacher

I support the work of local churches and campus ministries by facilitating numerous weekly Bible studies, prayer meetings, and individual discipleship meetings for students and graduates of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

I serve under the oversight and leadership of the Malachi Network.

Watch this video for a preview of the material covered in my weekly Bible studies.
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Podcast host and contributor

I co-host and produce a weekly podcast, The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast, with Bill Scofield and John Harrigan, two other ministry leaders. We explore how a first-century Jew would have understood Jesus' message, and how his followers today should live in light of it.

Listen on your favorite podcasting platform. You can also follow our podcast Twitter account at @ApocGospel.
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My Life

Road cyclist

Over the past several years I've come to enjoy road cycling for fitness, health, and friendly competition. There's not too many things that beat the pleasure of two wheels!

Web and app developer

I received my degree in Computer Science and worked in the software industry before ministry school, so I'll occasionally use my skills to build websites and apps for others.

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As a full-time minister of the gospel of Jesus, Josh raises his own financial support. Through your generous giving, you are planting seed in good soil that will bear fruit for the glory of Jesus. Find out more here.
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