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A free guide for Advent 2022

In years past, I released a guide and reading plan for the season of Advent - the four weeks leading up to Christmas. I've had several folks reach out lately asking if I intended to produce an Advent guide for 2022, so here it is: Other resources I've produced relating to Advent and Christmas that… Read More »

What makes grace truly grace?

There are words in modern Christian vernacular that have assumed a contrary or incomplete meaning compared to that of the original authors and hearers of the New Testament. One of those words is “charis”, a Greek word usually translated as “grace” in English Bibles. It's used often in church names (I grew up attending a… Read More »

Western Christianity's need for the apocalyptic gospel

Eschatology (and more specifically, first century Jewish apocalyptic eschatology) is increasingly rejected among Westerners because of how seemingly irrelevant it is to the 'gospel' that is popularly proclaimed: "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life". With that 'gospel' message and a portrait of God whose highest purpose is to make someone… Read More »

Praying for followers of Jesus in Afghanistan

As the Taliban regains power and radical Islam grips the nation of Afghanistan again for the first time in 20 years, a flood of emotion has filled my heart. I don't know anyone over there personally, though I am loosely connected with workers in several missions organizations in the Middle East and Central Asia. Despite… Read More »

4 years later...

Howdy friends! I haven't written a blog post for almost 4 years, but I've been producing lots of content in video and audio form. I have dozens of new teaching videos, and I co-host and produce The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast with two good friends of mine. I also post nuggets on Twitter fairly regularly. Nonetheless,… Read More »

A Simple New Year's Eve Prayer

Lord Jesus, you are that promised "seed" from Genesis 3, you are the Christ, that long-expected king from David's line as you promised to him in 2 Samuel 7, you are that prophet like Moses that will turn Israel back to the Lord their God, and you are Adonai, the very God of Israel made… Read More »

Five Common Myths of Christmas

We live in a world where Hollywood blockbusters, school plays, department stores, and our church hymnals all contribute to the way we understand and remember the birth of the promised king of Israel. This secularization has given rise to overfamiliarity with the story of Jesus’ birth. Our children’s books and nativity scenes, while helpful in… Read More »

2016 Advent Guide and Reading Schedule

God has designed us to love stories, and there's one story that He's going to use to thrill our hearts forever. This story, often called the gospel is what the Bible tells us about. However, the story of the gospel does not begin halfway through that book. The story originated in a garden sanctuary in… Read More »

Two years in Texas... What's next?

On July 10, 2014 - exactly two years ago today - I packed up a truck and moved everything I owned from tornado alley in the Midwest to hot and humid College Station, Texas. I had only undertaken such a thing once before in my life. In 2004, after graduating college with a degree in… Read More »

2015 Advent Guide and Reading Schedule

Updated for 2016: Check out the 2016 Advent guide here! Advent is a term originally derived from the Latin word adventus, meaning "coming" or "arrival". Advent is a season in the Christian calendar where the church worldwide remembers Jesus' first coming and joyfully anticipates His second. The story of Jesus doesn't begin with His birth.… Read More »

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