Passion Week Summary

April 10, 2012

During Passion Week last week, I tweeted a harmony of the chronology as recorded by the four gospels, based on The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah by Alfred Edersheim.

In the Twitter sphere where humanity gets wrapped up in movies, bashing political figures, debating social justice issues, and showing off what they ate for lunch today, I wanted to bring to remembrance perhaps the most neglected One on Twitter - God in the flesh Himself. The very real memories He has of Passion Week must be the substance of our friendship with Him, as I briefly wrote about before starting last week.

My chronology is by no means comprehensive, but hopefully is a good representation of the events of Jesus' final week leading up to His death on the cross. In order to make the scriptures clickable, I did edit these tweets from their original form on my Twitter account by expanding "Jn" to "John", "Mt" to "Matthew", etc. Besides those edits, the lines below are exactly what I tweeted in order last week.

I hope this summary serves to encourage you and strengthen your friendship with Jesus.


  • Beginning today through next Sunday, I'll be tweeting a chronological narration of the events of Jesus' passion. Stay tuned! #passionweek
  • Sunday: After 2 years of ministry with crowds swelling & waning, Jesus begins His final journey to Jerusalem for the Passover. #passionweek
  • Sunday: From far and wide, pilgrims coming into the city for the Passover meet Jesus along the road and begin to cry "Hosanna!" #passionweek
  • Sunday: Riding on a donkey to fulfill prophecy, the King of Israel wails loudly & pronounces judgment on Jerusalem. (Luke 19:41) #passionweek
  • Sunday: Arriving late in the day, Jesus enters Jerusalem through the eastern Susa Gate, directly into the temple courts. #passionweek
  • Sunday: After Jesus looks around for any who bear the fruits of repentance, He returns to Bethany with the twelve (Mark 11:11) #passionweek


  • Monday: Upon leaving Bethany in the morning, Jesus is hungry. He finds a leafy fig tree with no fruit & curses it. (Mark 11:14) #passionweek
  • Monday: Jesus comes to Jerusalem and cleanses the Temple, just as He did at the opening of His public ministry (John 2; Matthew 21:12). #passionweek
  • Monday: As Jesus wields a whip in the Temple again, His 1st person quote of Isaiah 56 affirms His divine identity. It's His house. #passionweek
  • Why I'm tweeting/posting so much this week on #passionweek:
  • Monday: Children in the Temple laud Jesus. He quotes Psalms 8 to the sneering Pharisees, again declaring His divinity. (Matthew 21:16) #passionweek
  • On multiple occasions during #passionweek Jesus openly proclaims His divinity. The Jews knew who He claimed to be - not just the Messiah.
  • My most recommended resource on the life of Christ: Edersheim's "The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah" #passionweek


  • Tuesday: In the morning, Peter & the rest of the disciples see the withered fig tree on the way back into Jerusalem. (Mark 11:20) #passionweek
  • Tuesday: The busiest day in the Gospel record in #passionweek - many parables in the Temple as final confrontation with the Jewish leaders.
  • Tuesday: "But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them - bring them here and kill them in front of me." #passionweek
  • Tuesday: "David's son is David's Lord?" (Matthew 22:41-46) Jesus once again confounds the Jewish leadership & asserts His divinity. #passionweek
  • Tuesday: Jesus leaves the Temple, officially ending His public ministry. He withdraws to Olivet & instructs His disciples. #passionweek
  • Tweeting on #passionweek continues. See why I'm posting:
  • Tuesday: It was a wonder of the ancient world. See this stunning depiction of the Temple where Jesus taught:


  • Wednesday: So little is recorded of this day in the Gospels, and nothing is recorded of Jesus' teaching. #passionweek
  • Wednesday: What holy thoughts filled the mind of Jesus this day as He rests in Bethany and prepares for the cross? #passionweek
  • Wednesday: As Jesus continues to speak of His coming suffering, the Jewish authorities plot to kill Him (Matthew 26:3-5) #passionweek
  • Tag Passion Week tweets with #passionweek & see why I'm tweeting this week:
  • Wednesday: The price negotiated for the One of inestimable worth? 30 pieces of silver. Judas agrees to betray Him (Matthew 26:15) #passionweek
  • Wednesday: Passover officially begins with the appearance of the first 3 stars (14th of Nisan - Exodus 12:6; Leviticus 23:5-6) #passionweek


  • Many tweets coming for #passionweek today. Treasure these precious moments of His life. They are the substance of our friendship with Him.
  • Thursday: While still at Bethany in the morning, Jesus sends Peter and John into Jerusalem to make ready the Passover (Luke 22:8) #passionweek
  • Thursday: Peter & John head to the Temple to have the lamb killed, then take it to be cooked & prepared for the evening feast. #passionweek
  • Why I'm tweeting on #passionweek. If this has been encouraging, share/like the blog & leave a comment on the blog or fb:...
  • Thursday: In the evening, Jesus comes from Bethany into Jerusalem to eat the Passover with the Twelve. (Mark 14:17) #passionweek
  • Thursday: As Jesus arrives with the ten to meet Peter & John in the upper room, they begin to argue about who the greatest is. #passionweek
  • Thursday: The Twelve argue about greatness. But greatness is serving. Jesus won't eat the Passover until the kingdom comes. #passionweek
  • Thursday: Peter reclines in last place at the table. The Creator of all washes His disciples' feet, beginning w/Peter (John 13:5) #passionweek
  • Thursday: Jesus says one among them will betray Him. He dips bread and hands it to Judas, who took first place at the table. #passionweek
  • Thursday: After Judas leaves, Jesus breaks bread & lifts a third cup of wine, signifying His broken body & blood. (Matthew 26:26-28) #passionweek
  • At the Paschal supper the LORD & Husband of Israel betroths Himself & makes a new covenant with His people, just as at Sinai. (Jeremiah 2, Luke 22)
  • Thursday: Around the table, Jesus predicts Peter's (& all of the disciples') denial. But He says "don't worry". (John 14:1-31) #passionweek
  • Thursday: After leaving the upper room (John 14:31), Jesus and His disciples walk to Gethsemane, going through the City & Temple. #passionweek
  • Thursday: In the seclusion of the Temple porches & the golden vine around the entrance in view, Jesus speaks/prays John 15-17. #passionweek
  • "Your identification with Israel ('the vine'; Psalms 80) isn't sufficient. Identify with Me, the true seed of Abraham, the true vine." (John 15:1)
  • Thursday: Leaving the Temple (John 18:1), Jesus & the eleven cross the Brook Kidron & enter Gethsemane. Jesus withdraws & prays. #passionweek
  • Thursday: Jesus sweats drops of blood in agony about what is to come. Judas enters the garden with soldiers to arrest Him. #passionweek
  • Thursday: Betrayed with a kiss. Disciples flee. The Son of God allows Himself to be shackled, prodded, and led up to the city. #passionweek
  • Thursday: Cold & late in the evening. Jesus is 1st led to the house of Annas who sends Him bound to Caiaphas, the high priest. #passionweek
  • Because I've already "tweet bombed" you today, I'll tweet the remainder of late Thursday/early Friday's events tomorrow 🙂 #passionweek


  • Another large group of tweets for #passionweek today. May they bring you into fellowship with Jesus and remember His life. #goodfriday
  • Very early Friday: Word is sent to the elders and chief priests that Jesus has been captured. Come quickly to Caiaphas' house! #passionweek
  • Early Friday: Caiaphas privately interviews Jesus, seeking substance for accusation before the whole Sanhedrin. (John 18:29-23) #passionweek
  • Early Friday: Jesus is accused by some of the Sanhedrin that respond & come at such an early hour (perhaps 3am). (Mark 14:55-65) #passionweek
  • Early Friday: Peter, standing in Caiaphas' courtyard, perhaps overhearing the "trial" of Jesus inside, denies Him three times. #passionweek
  • Early Friday: Falsely accused. Spit on. Slapped. Their testimony didn't even agree (Mark 14:59). God in the flesh remained silent #passionweek
  • Friday: The first inquisition ends, and Jesus is left under guard. As soon as it is day (Luke 26:66), the full Sanhedrin gathers. #passionweek
  • Friday: "You will see the Son of Man sit at the right hand of the power of God." "Are you the Son of God?" "Yes". "Blasphemy!" #passionweek
  • Friday: Jesus is led from Caiaphas' house into the Praetorium to be questioned by Pilate. The elders stayed outside. (Jn 18:28) #passionweek
  • Friday: Pilate goes outside to hear the Jews. "What did He do?" Elders: "If He wasn't evil, we wouldn't have brought Him." #passionweek
  • Friday: Pilate goes inside again to question Jesus (John 18:33). Jesus is a king & everyone of truth hears Him. "What's truth?" #passionweek
  • Friday: Pilate comes out with Jesus. "I find no fault in this Man!" The crowd: "He stirs up the people." Jesus remains silent. #passionweek
  • Friday: Pilate sends Jesus to Herod Antipas, because he heard He was a Galilean (Luke 26:7). Weary & bruised, Jesus didn't speak. #passionweek
  • Friday: Herod sends Jesus back to Pilate. "Herod & I found no fault in Him. I will chastise Him and release Him." (Luke 23:13-17) #passionweek
  • Friday: Pilate knew the chief priests had handed Jesus over because of envy (Mark 15:10). "Give us Barrabas! Crucify Him!" #passionweek
  • Friday: Pilate's wife awakes from a dream (still early morning). Pilate ritually washes to be free of bloodguilt (Matthew 27:24) #passionweek
  • Friday: A horrific scourging of the LORD of glory takes place in the Praetorium. A crown of thorns, scarlet robe, and beating. #passionweek
  • The Matchless one was beaten, mocked, & spat on by over 500 men (Matthew 27:27) whom He created & actively sustained. #longsuffering #imitatethat
  • Friday: Jesus is led from the Praetorium carrying the horizontal beam for His cross. 2 other criminals go with Him to Golgotha. #passionweek
  • Friday: On the road, the four soldiers and centurion compel Simon of Cyrene to carry Jesus' cross because He cannot any longer. #passionweek
  • Friday: Weeping women follow Jesus. He pronounces judgment again, quoting from Hosea (10:1,8). Israel is a degenerate vine. #passionweek
  • Friday: Arriving at Golgotha around 9am (the 3rd hour), Jesus is crucified in the middle of the two criminals (Luke 23:33). #passionweek
  • Friday: The inscription "The King of the Jews" put on His cross. Soldiers cast lots for His clothing. "Father, forgive them." #passionweek
  • Friday: Constant verbal abuse & sneering as He dangled there. From the leaders and elders, the 2 criminals, & those passing by. #passionweek
  • Friday: To the criminal: "Today you will be with me in Paradise." To John & Mary: "Behold your mother, behold your son!" #passionweek
  • Friday: From the 6th hour (noon) until the 9th (3pm), darkness covers the land (Matthew 27:45). Jesus has been hanging since 9am. #passionweek
  • Friday: 3pm. Jesus cries out "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Mark 15:34). #passionweek
  • Friday: Jesus says "I thirst" to fulfill scripture, cries "It is finished!" in a loud voice, & gives up His spirit (John 19:30). #passionweek
  • Friday: Temple veil torn, earthquake, and the crowd beat their chests and returned home. Centurion: "This was the Son of God!" #passionweek
  • Friday: Jesus' side is pierced (John 19:34), fulfilling scripture (Zechariah 12:10). Blood and water immediately flow from His side. #passionweek
  • Friday: Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for Jesus' body. He takes Him down and with Nicodemus' help, extravagantly buries Him. #passionweek
  • Tomorrow I will continue my narrative of #passionweek. May we find fellowship with Jesus in His vivid memories of this day.


  • Saturday: The Gospels record little about this Sabbath day in #passionweek. What must the disciples have been feeling? What did they do?
  • Saturday: The Pharisees come to Pilate fearing Jesus' resurrection. "Secure the tomb, lest His disciples steal the body!" #passionweek
  • Saturday: Pilate dispatches a guard and tells the Jews to seal the tomb as best as they know how. (Matthew 27:65) #passionweek
  • Saturday: How was Jesus' mother, brothers, and sisters feeling? How deep was their grief and mourning? This really happened. #passionweek
  • Saturday: With hopes & expectations dashed, undoubtedly Jesus' disciples question all that happened the past 2 years. #passionweek
  • One reason why the gospels vividly detail the injustice of the cross is to help us respond in like manner towards injustice. #longsuffering
  • We don't go to the Grand Canyon to increase self-esteem. Mirrors do that. Consider the cross to see Christ's worth. Find true selfless joy.


  • The resurrection of Jesus is a sign of our sure hope as believers in God's promise. We too will be raised & live on earth with Him forever.
  • Sunday: Mary Magdalene comes to Jesus' tomb while it is still dark. The stone had been removed. She runs to tell Peter & John. #passionweek
  • We joyously celebrate Jesus' resurrection because it proves He is the Christ, the Davidic king who will live forever & reign from Jerusalem.
  • Sunday: Mary & other women arrive at the tomb. An angel descends, rolls back the stone & sits on it. There is an earthquake. #passionweek
  • Sunday: Angel: "Jesus is risen, just as He said. Come see where He lay. Go tell His disciples that He'll meet them in Galilee." #passionweek
  • Sunday: The tomb guards report all that happened to the chief priests. They were bribed to say "His disciples stole the body." #passionweek
  • Sunday: John outruns Peter to the tomb. Peter enters first & sees the linen cloth & a neatly folded handkerchief. They believe. #passionweek
  • Sunday: Jesus appears to 2 disciples on the Emmaus road, expounding on all of the scriptures concerning Himself. (Luke 24:13-35) #passionweek
  • Sunday: In the evening, 10 of the apostles are gathered behind locked doors fearing the Jews. Jesus appears to them. (John 20:19) #passionweek
  • Sunday: Jesus shows His disciples His hands & side. The disciples were glad. Jesus breathes on them. "Receive the Holy Spirit". #passionweek
  • One week later, & beyond: Jesus appears to the disciples & Thomas. "My Lord and my God!". He appears again to them in Galilee. #passionweek
  • And so ends my tweets for #passionweek. I hope the remembrance of His suffering evokes gratitude & longing to imitate Him in it. (Colossians 1:24)
  • From the early days of Jesus' ministry, His disciples knew He was "the Christ", the Davidic king who would reign from Jerusalem. (John 1:41)
  • When Jesus arose He didn't "become king". As LORD, He has always ruled over all. Confirmed as "Christ", we await His rule from Jerusalem.
  • Jesus is alive, but the Bible is clear - ALL will still die. We won't be raised at His coming unless we take up our own cross & die daily.
  • Paul continually made it his aim to attain to the resurrection (Philippians 3:11). Our resurrection is not automatic just because we said a prayer.
  • The resurrection of Jesus is not our ticket to "abundant life" in this age. Today, we die. In the age to come, we live. John 10:10,28; John 11:25-26

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