The web is filled with plenty of writers giving their opinions and raising their voices towards each other about subjects which will not really matter in the end. What the web lacks are the voices that provoke us to lift our cry towards the only One that truly hears and the only ear that really matters in the end. John the Baptist is a New Testament example of this voice. Before Jesus returns, God promised he would raise up a worldwide voice proclaiming the glory of His Son, His cross, and His coming Kingdom. The internet and electronic media is one of many ways God will raise up that voice.

Blogs can take on many different tones from “let me tell you about my miserable life” or “look at how great I am”. But I want this blog to always cause you, the reader, to say “wow, look at how awesome Jesus is.”

So this blog really does not have to do with me. Although there will be times when I write about fun stuff from technology to funny moments with friends, I want to be one who points people to Jesus.

What will you write about?

Honestly, I'll blog about anything relating to Jesus, His deity, the cross, and the Bible. But there will be a particular emphasis on subjects related to my life message, with some diversions to:

  • What’s happening with my life
  • Some of my friends and how awesome they are
  • Interesting things that are happening in technology and music

Why comment and interact with this blog

It’s pretty simple. I need you to teach me about Jesus. No one individual has the monopoly on the knowledge of God! Let's be iron sharpening iron and let's rightly divide the Word of truth together.