Do you buy books, food, music, or any other products from Do you want to partner with Josh in ministry? Even if you're unable to join Josh's partnership team or give a special gift at this time, you can still partner with Josh by making purchases through at no extra cost to you.

What do I have to do?

It's so simple. Before going to Amazon to shop, just click this icon or link to proceed to Amazon's website and then make your purchase regularly:

Or if it's easier for you to remember, just add "joshuahawkins" between "amazon" and ".com" so that the resulting address you type in your browser is:

That's it! The only thing you have to do is remember to click the link above. The easiest way to remember would be to bookmark it in your browser. You can add the favorite manually, or you can click the link and then press Ctrl-D (or Cmd-D on Macs) on the page it brings you to on Amazon's website.

How does it work?

Whenever you click the above link or type it in your browser and make a purchase from Amazon (including books, music, electronics, food, anything at all), Josh will receive a referral credit (a small percentage of your purchase price) for every purchase you make. Amazon tracks your purchase with a code in the link, and then sends Josh the referral amount each month. Amazon's website is exactly the same, the prices are the same, there are no added or hidden costs for you, and Josh's ministry is supported as a result.

How else can I help?

Share the link ( with your friends and family! Ask them to bookmark it in their browser too, and use that link when purchasing from Amazon.


Just contact me.

Bless you for your support of Josh's ministry through this simple, practical means!