Enduring Witness Documentary

by  David and Kirsten Rickman

From Abraham to the Hebrew prophets, hope in the faithful fulfillment of God’s promises shapes the unfolding story of the Bible. The consistency of Israel’s God and of His purposes endure throughout the biblical narrative and culminate in a great restoration for His covenant people. The good news proclaimed by John the Baptist, Jesus, and later His apostles has endured as God’s witness of that coming redemption and has offered to all nations the invitation to share in the future blessing and life.

How does the good news of this restoration encompass all the peoples of the earth?

How do the message and life of Jesus and of His earliest Jewish followers confirm the future promises contained in the Hebrew Bible?
How do we approach understanding this story and enacting our place within it?

Addressing these critical questions of faith, Enduring Witness seeks to explore the consistent story of the Bible and
the good news of Israel’s God coming to faithfully accomplish all of His promises.

Josh was interviewed for this documentary, and it's available to stream for FREE through this link or the button below.

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