In this premiere episode of my weekly video series, Opening Up the Gospels, I talk about the first of four reasons why I'm doing a series on the life of Jesus as seen in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John instead of other hot topics like grace, prayer, or hell. I discuss what it means to actually have a relationship with Jesus and how it must be based on real, substantial knowledge of His life and words. As Christians, we ought to treasure the details of His life simply because we confess that we love Him.

This video is part of the Opening Up the Gospels series.


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I am REALLY excited about

I am REALLY excited about this series! I haven't really given much weight to the gospels, but your explanation about how we come to know a person in a relationship makes a lot of sense. My goal is to start strategically reading through them and familiarizing myself with His words, healings, etc. I know you'll be giving more tips on this. Looking forward to it...

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Hey Josh, I really enjoyed your first video of the Gospels. This has me realizing that I'm very lacking in the area of knowing the history and life of Jesus and excited that I can spend time getting to know the person of Jesus in a deeper way. Thank you for challanging us to go deeper
in relationship with our maker.
Bless you Josh!

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Josh--I am fired up by your video! Your words hit home. Looking forward to Tuesdays!

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Unsearchable riches

Wow this video is done so well but what is even more greater is the impact this truth has had on my life! This encouraged my heart and love for Jesus to passionately pursue Him not an idea of Him.

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Great illustrations

Loving this already, Josh! Something about the comparison of going to church to sing songs and going to the concert to do the same hit me in a humorous but pointed way that it's way too easy to slip in to mere Christian-speak and do the walk almost mindlessly on automatic pilot. Even if just for a day, what a waste! Looking forward to plunging deeper into the best Relationship ever through this series.

Thank you all!

I could respond to you individually, but the response would be the same - thank you all so much for taking the time to comment and giving your encouragement. My heart in this series is simply to speak well of Jesus and His worth, and I trust you will continue to be provoked to see His story more clearly, to talk to Him, and to long for the day of His return!

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Wisdom from above

Greetings from the Philippines! This is awesome josh! A special gift for His bride! I believe this is the message that our generation longs to hear - the revelation of Jesus Christ- for my heart burns within me! This video is truly wisdom of God! Josh, you are indeed a man after His heart! Excited to hear more! :)

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This is excellent! So clear!

This is excellent! So clear! Can't wait for all the rest of the episodes!

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Thank you for doing this, Joshua! Heading over to the next part of the series right now. I love your focus and the clarity that you are bring, especially on such a deep topic like the Gospels. Oh, and the layout of your website is great!


Patrick, thanks so much for your encouragement and for your link to my series on your blog. I hope the episodes continue to strengthen your love for Jesus and longing for His return!

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Hi Josh,

I have been studying and living the chronology of Jesus life for the past 5 years. It's a journey and has becomes a REALITY in my life. I believe our walk in theGospel will usher us into eternity with God. I look forward to your series of finding REALITY with God.

God bless,

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I finally got to start the series. I am thrilled that you put it in this format so it can be shared and viewed by many! Thanks for continue to trumpet the reality that knowledge of Jesus is mandatory and making us hungry for it!

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I want to ask about Matt.1 It is said that they will call Emanuel not Jesus
It is the same thingh or it is another meaning??
Ionut Romania

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