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God's grace requires our ongoing response

"Grace" is a common word in modern Christian vernacular, but had a preexisting meaning in Greco-Roman society before Jesus and Paul. In this short teaching video, I discuss how it would have been understood in the first century and what it means for disciples of Jesus today. Dr. David deSilva's "Patronage and Reciprocity": https://biblicalstudies.org.uk/pdf/ashland_theological_journal/31-1_032.pdf A… Read More »

Discipleship 101: You'll look foolish and you'll be hated

In this third video about basic discipleship, I talk about what we ought to expect as a true disciple of Jesus as we obey him and imitate him in this world.

Discipleship 101: Nobody notices you, and that’s a good thing

In this second video about basic discipleship, I discuss an "easier said than done" aspect of following Jesus. We are prone to seeking the praise of man more than praise from God. How we live when no one is looking matters deeply to God.

Discipleship 101: Bench the bar

No, this video isn't about weight training. But my weight training story definitely applies to being a disciple of Jesus. How do we grow and mature as followers of Christ? It's not mysterious, and has so much to do with how we relate to the people around us every day and what we're looking forward… Read More »

My favorite book of the Bible is SHOCKING to many Christians

A typical Christian in the world today might say their favorite book of the Bible is perhaps the Gospel of John, the Psalms, Romans, or maybe even Revelation. But many Christians would probably be shocked to learn what my favorite book is. In this short video I reveal what it is and why. The reason… Read More »

The apostles of Jesus were Jewish

The initial group of followers of Jesus that came to be known as his "apostles" were all Jewish. Did they later become Christians? How does "religion" work in the first century? Why does all of this matter to me if Jesus loves me, died for me, and I'll be with him forever? If we want… Read More »

What does it mean to have faith?

Webster's dictionary says that "faith" is "the belief in something for which there is no proof." In this clip from the Enduring Witness documentary, Josh discusses how the Bible's definition of "faith" is completely different. "Faith" is looking at God's track record and counting his promises as trustworthy and reliable.

The Bible is not mostly about me

Western Christianity has primarily taught disciples how to relate to the Bible as "a timeless book for everyone", spiritualizing prophecies, letters, and poems as having primary application to themselves in the present. In this clip from the Enduring Witness documentary, Josh shares about the joy and freedom he felt when the Scriptures took on an… Read More »

Gentiles and the God of Israel

It's critical for Gentiles to understand Israel's story. In this short clip from the Enduring Witness documentary, Josh reminds Gentile disciples of Jesus of the importance of continuing to relate to God as "the God of Israel".
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