Luke begins his Gospel by giving us details of an aged couple, Zechariah and Elizabeth, from the hill country of Judea. Herod the Great ruled over Judea at the time, and Zechariah's priestly course was on duty in the Temple in Jerusalem. Who was Herod? What is the Temple and why is Zechariah there? And what is the significance of these events to the story of Jesus and the Gospels? This episode seeks to answer these questions.

For more information on Herod the Great:

This video is part of the Opening Up the Gospels series.


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Hi, Josh. All your episodes have been great, but #11 made Karen and me grab ourr Bibles! Your insights, graphics, and presentation are bringing the Word alive. Can't wait for next Tuesday!
How do you think Zecharia knew it was Gabriel in the Temple? I wonder too about the Transfiguration appearances of Moses and Elijah.
Thanks for all you do!

Hi Joe, thanks for your

Hi Joe, thanks for your encouragement!

Zechariah knew who the angel was because Gabriel said it was him - see Luke 1:19. That's next week's episode :-)

Hope it helps!



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