Luke's Gospel is unique in so many ways - from the way he narrates Jesus' birth to the way he exclusively covers Jesus' ministry in Judea and Perea 6-8 months before the cross. In this episode, I cover Luke's author, the date it was written, and some of the major themes and literary style of the book. The most important point we should understand for the purpose of this series is that Luke is chronologically arranged and includes a large portion of Jesus' ministry not mentioned by the other Gospels.

This video is part of the Opening Up the Gospels series.


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Awesome Series!

Hey Josh,

This is Ryan from Pagosa Spring, CO. I am loving your series on the "Opening Up the Gospels." I have a passion to get to know more about the life of Jesus and am excited for your future episodes.


Hey Ryan, thanks for your

Hey Ryan, thanks for your encouragement man! All of the episodes have been introduction thus far, but I'm beginning the narrative of Jesus' life with episode 11!

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Awesome!! I'm excited for the

Awesome!! I'm excited for the narrative!


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