While Herod and the leaders of the Jews are filled with self-importance and jockey for power in Jerusalem, God's eyes are on two expectant mothers in a small house in southern Israel. Mary and Elizabeth, the mother of Jesus and John, were the two most important people on the planet at the time. This episode looks at Mary's visit to Elizabeth from Luke 1.

This video is part of the Opening Up the Gospels series.


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During this episode, it

During this episode, it occurred to me that Mary made the journey south to the region of Jerusalem twice during her pregnancy! This would be difficult for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman... It doesn't give me any answers, but I love to imagine what these journeys back and forth were like for her. It causes me to be in awe at the way the Lord wrote His story and His "entry" into humanity. Every detail is astonishing when you think about it in terms of God becoming a Man forever, and this is how He chose to come. Amazing.

Whitney, yes! I have so many

Whitney, yes! I have so many unanswered questions about those journeys... Why did Elizabeth have to be all the way in Judea? Did Mary travel with anyone? What reasons did she give her family for the trip to visit Elizabeth? What was the journey like as she anticipated the moment of seeing if Elizabeth was actually showing or not? Oh Jesus, this is how you chose to come... There is no one like you!

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